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Value Objects

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  • Value - A pico library (or code snippets shed) to help you to easily implement Value Types in your C# projects without making errors nor polluting your domain logic with boiler-plate code.
  • ValueOf - Deal with Primitive Obsession - define ValueObjects in a single line (of C#).
  • WrapperValueObject - A .NET source generator for creating simple value objects wrapping primitive types.
  • Qowaiv - Qowaiv is a Single Value Object library
  • jhewlett/ValueObject - A micro library for easily creating C# classes with value semantics. No need to override Equals, GetHashCode, et all.
  • AntonioFalcaoJr/Dotnet6.EFCore6.Record.ValueObjects - This project aims to demonstrate the configuration and use of Records as Value Objects with EF Core 6
  • SteveDunn/Vogen - A semi-opinionated library which is a source generator and a code analyser. It Source generates Value Objects
  • adampaquette/Typely - Domain Primitives creation with a fluent Api and built-in validations. Based on a source generator and code analyzer.