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  • Endava/Endava.Consul.ServiceDiscovery.Demo - This tutorial shows how to implement simple containerized (Docker) micro service architecture with a gateway, load balancer (Ocelot) and automatic service discovery (Consul).
  • surging - Surging is a micro-service engine that provides a lightweight, high-performance, modular RPC request pipeline. The service engine supports http, TCP, WS,Grpc, Thrift,Mqtt, UDP, and DNS protocols. It uses ZooKeeper and Consul as a registry, and integrates it. Hash, random, polling, Fair Polling as a load balancing algorithm,
  • FamilyBucket - .net core、ocelot、consul、netty、rpc、eventbus、configserver、tracing、sqlsugar、vue-admin
  • GrpcConsul - Sample for GRPC + Consul + dynamic endpoint for .net
  • cecilphillip/aspnet-servicediscovery-patterns - Samples of simple service discovery patterns with ASP .NET Core
  • matjazbravc/Consul.ServiceDiscovery.Demo - This demo shows how to implement simple containerized (Docker) microservice architecture with gateway, load balancer (Ocelot) and automatic service discovery (Consul).
  • AlphaYu/Adnc - .NET6 microservice/distributed development framework, but also suitable for the development of monolithic architecture systems.
  • nicholasjackson/consul-servce-mesh-example
  • thangchung/coffeeshop-on-nomad - The .NET coffeeshop application runs on Docker, Nomad and Consul Connect
  • discoposse/nomad-vagrant-lab - A nifty little 3-node or 6-node local cluster configuration to run HashiCorp Nomad
  • anubhavmishra/envoy-consul-sds - Envoy Consul Service Discovery Service
  • nairnavin/practical-nomad-consul - Set up a 3 Tier application (classic springboot petclinic) in a Nomad / Consul cluster leveraging features of service mesh, ingress and terminating gateways, load balancers etc.
  • hashicorp/learn-consul-docker - Docker Compose quick starts for Consul features.