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  • nomic-ai/gpt4all - gpt4all: a chatbot trained on a massive collection of clean assistant data including code, stories and dialogue
  • Torantulino/Auto-GPT - An experimental open-source attempt to make GPT-4 fully autonomous.
  • microsoft/DeepSpeed - DeepSpeed is a deep learning optimization library that makes distributed training and inference easy, efficient, and effective.
  • cfortuner/promptable - Build LLM apps in Typescript/Javascript.
  • lm-sys/FastChat - The release repo for “Vicuna: An Open Chatbot Impressing GPT-4”
  • karpathy/nanoGPT - The simplest, fastest repository for training/finetuning medium-sized GPTs.
  • Significant-Gravitas/Auto-GPT-Plugins - Plugins for Auto-GPT
  • alaeddine-13/thinkgpt
  • LAION-AI/Open-Assistant - OpenAssistant is a chat-based assistant that understands tasks, can interact with third-party systems, and retrieve information dynamically to do so.
  • go-skynet/LocalAI - Self-hosted, community-driven, local OpenAI-compatible API. Drop-in replacement for OpenAI running LLMs on consumer-grade hardware. No GPU required
  • SciSharp/LLamaSharp - C#/.NET binding of llama.cpp, including LLaMa/GPT model inference and quantization, ASP.NET core integration and UI.
  • ggerganov/llama.cpp - Port of Facebook’s LLaMA model in C/C++
  • meta-llama/llama - Inference code for Llama models
  • meta-llama/llama3 - The official Meta Llama 3 GitHub site
  • SevaSk/ecoute - Ecoute is a live transcription tool that provides real-time transcripts for both the user’s microphone input (You) and the user’s speakers output (Speaker) in a textbox. It also generates a suggested response using OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 for the user to say based on the live transcription of the conversation.
  • AntonOsika/gpt-engineer - Specify what you want it to build, the AI asks for clarification, and then builds it.
  • facebookresearch/llama - Inference code for LLaMA models
  • camenduru/text-generation-webui-colab - A colab gradio web UI for running Large Language Models
  • microsoft/semantic-kernel - Integrate cutting-edge LLM technology quickly and easily into your apps
  • huggingface/transformers ⭐ - Transformers: State-of-the-art Machine Learning for Pytorch, TensorFlow, and JAX.
  • huggingface/diffusers ⭐ - Diffusers: State-of-the-art diffusion models for image and audio generation in PyTorch
  • imartinez/privateGPT ⭐ Interact privately with your documents using the power of GPT, 100% privately, no data leaks
  • UKPLab/sentence-transformers - Multilingual Sentence & Image Embeddings with BERT
  • chroma-core/chroma - the AI-native open-source embedding database
  • microsoft/azurechatgpt - Azure ChatGPT: Private & secure ChatGPT for internal enterprise use
  • StanGirard/quivr - Your Second Brain supercharged by Generative AI 🧠 Dump all your files and chat with your personal assistant on your files & more using GPT 3.5/4, Private, Anthropic, VertexAI, LLMs…
  • karpathy/llama2.c - Inference Llama 2 in one file of pure C
  • SciSharp/BotSharp - The LLM Powered Chatbot Framework in .NET
  • oobabooga/text-generation-webui - A Gradio web UI for Large Language Models. Supports transformers, GPTQ, llama.cpp (ggml/gguf), Llama models
  • jmorganca/ollama ⭐ - Get up and running with Llama 2 and other large language models locally
  • trholding/llama2.c - About Llama 2 Everywhere (L2E)
  • xtekky/gpt4free - The official gpt4free repository | various collection of powerful language models
  • RayVentura/ShortGPT - ShortGPT - Experimental AI framework for automated short/video content creation.
  • LAION-AI/Open-Assistant - OpenAssistant is a chat-based assistant that understands tasks, can interact with third-party systems, and retrieve information dynamically to do so.
  • tmc/langchaingo - LangChain for Go, the easiest way to write LLM-based programs in Go
  • abi/screenshot-to-code - Drop in a screenshot and convert it to clean HTML/Tailwind/JS code
  • janhq/jan - Jan is an open source alternative to ChatGPT that runs 100% offline on your computer
  • langchain-ai/langchain ⭐ - Build context-aware reasoning applications